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How safe are dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays are very safe, and at Glen Lake Dental, wdentist looking at dental x-ray l dentist 03045e use digital x-rays to ensure the well-being of our Goffstown patients. Digital x-rays emit about 80 percent less radiation than traditional film-type x-rays you may remember from the past.

Dental X-Rays Are Important For Your First Dental Exam

It is important for us to ensure your safety with dental x-rays because they are an invaluable tool for diagnosing dental problems in their earliest stages. Dr. Leonardi can’t treat what she can’t see during an oral exam, and an x-ray allows her to look deep inside the tooth for signs of cavities and decay. She also checks for bone loss that’s associated with advanced gum disease and looks for signs of infections or abscesses.

We limit the number of dental x-rays we take, so you never have to worry about unnecessary exposure. Dr. Leonardi recommends a set of bitewing x-rays every six months to a year for patients who have a history of decay or ongoing oral health problems.

For patients with no history of dental problems, we take bitewing x-rays every two to three years. If you come to us with a dental emergency like a toothache, Dr. Leonardi would need to take an x-ray to determine the source of your pain.

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At Glen Lake Dental, we believe that keeping you informed about your overall oral health care is essential and helps you better understand your dental needs. If you have any concerns about the x-rays we recommend at our Goffstown dental office, please don’t hesitate to talk to us so we can reassure you and put your mind at ease.

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