Welcome To Glen Lake Dental



At Glen Lake Dental, we hold our patient's comfort and satisfaction as a main priority. 

Your dental experience with us starts right here, at your first visit with your dentist in Goffstown, NH. Our entire dental team works hard to be available to answer all your questions, especially any you might have about your first visit with us. Just call, write, or email us!

Greetings and Patient History and Information

Patients who search for a dentist near me may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get to know us. Once you arrive, we will ask that patients complete their new patient paperwork to disclose their medical and dental history. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your appointment, so you have adequate time to provide all your information.

Especially busy patients can get a headstart by filling out our online form to save time as soon as they arrive at our dental practice. This may be a good time to ask about dental services we provide (if you've been eyeing professional teeth whitening, just mention it!)

Comprehensive Oral Exam and Digital X-Rays

As soon as you meet with Dr. Danielle Leonardi, we will go over your oral health history and any fears or concerns you may have. We encourage patients to feel comfortable sharing their dental needs with us—we work hard to keep you satisfied. 

Dental anxiety and apprehension are widespread, especially with newer patients. We want to relay that patient comfort is essential to us and encourage you to let us know if you need a little extra TLC. 

Your dentist in Goffstown, NH will inspect your teeth, hard and soft tissues, gums, and jaw joints during your exam. We will take digital x-rays to peer beneath the surface and identify any potential dental health complications. We can identify lesions, abscesses, fractures, decay, infection, and oral cancer. 

If we find any concerns, we can sit and determine a smile treatment plan together that fits your lifestyle and budget. Every patient's smile is different and as unique as snowflakes. For this reason, we develop your treatment plan specifically for you and your family. We do our best to offer our expertise and educated guidance, but our patients make the final decision in the end. Questions are always welcome (and necessary!), so you can take an active stance in your own dental health.

We plan your smile treatment to catch tiny issues before they can become painful and costly dental emergencies. We also address any current issues that might be plaguing you and look for anything that may impact you long-term.

Complete Dental Cleanings at Glen Lake Dental

The next step in your dental check-up involves removing any current plaque and tartar before they can develop into tooth decay. We polish the surface of your teeth to remove surface stains and floss in between teeth. Patients love the squeaky-clean feeling they get when their teeth have been cleaned and polished. 

We make observations and keep track of your oral health to monitor any changes in upcoming dental visits. 

At the end of your initial exam, our friendly front desk staff will work with you to determine your insurance benefits and help determine what your final fee may be. We have no hidden fees because no one likes financial surprises.

Your Clean and Happy Mouth Is Our Goal

Your dentist in 03045 is here for you and your family. We promise you peace of mind and high-quality dentistry every time you visit. Call (603) 668-5307 today to schedule your first dental appointment with us. We can't wait to see you!