Tooth-Colored Fillings in Goffstown, NH

family of four hugging on couch l tooth-colored fillings goffstownMost of us will get a cavity at some point in our lives, and being proactive about getting it treated is always better for your oral health than postponing treatment. Cavities are also easier to treat in their early stages and usually only require a simple tooth filling. 

We offer aesthetic tooth-colored fillings at Glen Lake Dental to create repairs that blend seamlessly with your smile and are virtually invisible once they’re placed. You also hear these referred to as composite fillings or dental composites because they’re a blend of materials that results in a translucent appearance similar to tooth enamel.

Prompt Cavity Treatment Is Essential

If you have a toothache, it’s always best to be proactive about seeking dental treatment. A small cavity is easy to fix in its early stages, and putting off treatment allows the decay to spread and leads to the need for more complex treatment to correct.

Also, if you can’t chew on a tooth because it hurts, the rest of your teeth have to absorb chewing forces they weren’t meant to. This can lead to uneven wear, breakage, teeth grinding, and even TMJ pain.

Getting a Tooth Filling in Goffstown, NH

close up of dental filling l dentist in goffstown nhThe process for placing a tooth-colored filling takes place during one visit and is done under local anesthesia for your comfort. During the first step, Dr. Leonardi carefully removes the decayed part of the tooth. She then applies an etching liquid to the tooth’s surfaces so that the filling adheres to them, then places the composite material in the space and shapes it to match the contours of your tooth.

No one—not even you—will notice that you’ve had any work done. The composite filling material resembles the luster of dental enamel, and we further customize it by color-matching it to the shade of surrounding teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Because composite fillings allow us to create seamless repairs, Dr. Leonardi also uses them for a cosmetic procedure called dental bonding. If you have smile flaws like chipped or broken teeth, or you would like to close small gaps or even alter the shape of a tooth, cosmetic dental bonding can help.

Following the same steps she takes to place a filling, Dr. Leonardi builds up the composite material, layer by layer, to achieve the aesthetic improvement you want. Bonding is a simple treatment and an affordable alternative to dental veneers

Do You Have a Cavity? Glen Lake Dental Can Help!

If you have a toothache and think you might need a filling, please call Glen Lake Dental to schedule an appointment. Postponing treatment due to anxiety only results in more discomfort and the need for complex procedures like root canals. 

We promise that we will provide you with the gentlest, most stress-free treatment possible, and we will never judge or shame you about your oral health. Our only goal for you is a healthy smile, and we look forward to providing the care you need to achieve it.