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Is my dental procedure going to hurt?

At Glen Lake Dental, we deliver comfortable, stressman sitting in dental exam chair smiling l dentist 03045-free dental care for patients of all ages. Updated technology, combined with the support of our caring dental team, ensures that you never have to worry about experiencing discomfort during a dental appointment.

Every procedure we perform at our Goffstown dental office is done with your complete comfort in mind. When you feel confident that we can help you manage any apprehension you feel, you’ll be more motivated to keep up with regular dental appointments.

Does Glen Lake Dental Offer Sedation Dentistry in Goffstown, NH?

Dental sedation is another effective way to help treat any anxiety you feel and help you relax during your appointment. Dr. Leonardi offers oral sedation that involves taking a sedative about an hour before your procedure is scheduled. This gives the medicine time to work so that when you arrive at Glen Lake Dental, you will feel calm and relaxed.

You will drift peacefully through your dental appointment, and many patients get so relaxed that they doze off. Just be aware that the sedative stays in your body for hours, so you will need a friend or family member to drive you safely to and from your appointment.

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If you would like to experience what we offer and how we put your comfort first, please call to schedule an appointment at our Goffstown dental office. We are also pleased to serve the dental needs of patients in Manchester, New Boston, and all surrounding communities.

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