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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

September 28, 2022
Posted By: Glen Lake Dental
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Social interactions are an important part of our society’s foundation, but one facet is more important than how you dress or what you say: your smile. Research continually uncovers new and essential meanings that live in your smile or your lack of smiling. For example, one study suggests that a person who resists politely smiling projects a negative message to the world.

Quite literally, we can measure smiles in monetary terms, and smile poverty may turn people off and hamper your personal goals. So you can see why the Glen Lake Dental team is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream smile and why we are pleased to offer cosmetic dentistry in Manchester, NH, including complete smile makeovers.  

What Are Smile Makeovers?

A smile makeover represents a comprehensive approach to fixing the issues with your smile that bother you most. We begin with a complete examination of your teeth so we can identify your unique oral health status, and then we create a custom treatment plan that takes advantage of the most proper tool in our dental toolbox for the job.

Here are just a few of the treatments which may be part of your smile makeover:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • PowerProx six-month braces

The essence of a smile makeover is that we choose how to combine treatments with your preferences so that we accomplish something remarkable without compromising your budgetary and other priorities.

Smile Makeover Costs Depend on Your Choices

Your choices influence the cost of your smile makeover with the specific procedures that become part of your treatment plan. For example, we may offer dental bonding or a porcelain veneer for tooth discoloration that resists teeth whitening. While each option will cover surface flaws, they have different costs and durability.

We are also committed to working within a budget, as well as offering payment options. We work with Lending Club and CareCredit, which finance your treatment over time. We also provide our Glen Lake Dental Membership Plan so that you may take advantage of other savings for specific treatments.

Smile Makeovers at Your Dentist in Manchester, NH

Your smile’s worth can be measured in many ways, and you should never underestimate the value of a bright and welcoming grin. If you want to achieve oral health that reflects in your teeth, our smile makeover may be right for you.

To learn more, we invite you to give us a call and start the process today.

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