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How Is Children's Dentistry Different at Glen Lake Dental?

August 22, 2021
Posted By: Glen Lake Dental
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The health of your child’s smile is essential to their development into a happy, healthy adult. Dr. Danielle Leonardi is a kind and gentle pediatric dentist in Manchester, NH who treats children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Our team has years of experience working with kids and teens, and we understand each has their own unique personality. We want your child to have a positive experience at the dentist and about oral health care. 

A Supportive and Positive Environment 

We offer a supportive and nurturing environment where families can feel at ease while receiving exceptional dental care. At Glen Lake Dental, we make children’s dental appointments fun and stress-free. 

Our goal is to establish a positive attitude about their oral health care, and we work together to make sure your child’s smile stays strong and beautiful. In addition, we focus on prevention and patient education to stop any dental issues before they progress. For example, if we find a cavity during a dental exam, we can take the necessary steps to treat it immediately. 

Your Child’s Smile Deserves the Best

Cavities are one of the most common diseases that affect children, but together, we can help your child avoid them. We believe protecting your child’s oral health is a group effort, and everyone plays an important role. Dr. Danielle and our team are always here to offer personalized treatment and guidance to manage the health of your child’s smile. 

We recommend seeing your child every six months for dental exams and cleanings. During these appointments, we look for signs of cavities and other issues that may be developing. To protect baby teeth from cavities, we can apply fluoride and sealants. 

Fluoride protects enamel that is still developing and strengthens the tooth structure. It also makes the teeth resistant to cavities. 

A sealant is a thin coating that creates a smooth surface over teeth with deep grooves, like molars. Bacteria and food can get stuck in the molars and cause cavities. Sealants last for five years or so until they naturally wear away. 

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At Glen Lake Dental, we believe children deserve to have strong, healthy smiles. We take pride in providing children’s dentistry for families in Goffstown and all surrounding areas. 

Call us today at (603) 668-5307 to schedule your child or teen’s next dental checkup and cleaning. 

We look forward to welcoming your family! 

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